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Koi Pond

HBV Series Koi Ponds can be thought of as "Swimming Pools for Koi.". There are no rocks, gravel, or aquatic plants in the pond that could potentially harm the Koi. The Koi Pond is constructed with "straight down sides" to prevent any predators from walking into the pond and trying to make a meal out of the Koi. The Koi Pond has a minimum depth of 4', usually 5'-6' deep, but can also be much deeper. It can also feature Bubble-Less™ external technology for clear, unobstructed viewing of the Koi.

A Koi Pond can have waterfalls, but in most cases, the waterfalls are not part of the filtration system like those found in water garden ponds or Hybrid Ponds™.

A Koi Pond is not a "landscape" item like water garden ponds or Hybrid Ponds™, but more of a pool specifically designed for keeping Koi.

HBV Series Koi Ponds are biologically, and micro filtered, with super efficient, Easy to Clean HydroBead Vortex™ filters, along with HydroClean™ pond skimmers and pre-filtered Bottom Drains performing the mechanical filtering duties.

Oxygen for the Koi Pond is provided by a HydroAir™ aeration system, and the water is pumped with external Hydro Centrimax centrifugal pumps. No high voltage electrical devices are in the water.

Koi Ponds are not considered "landscape features" like water garden ponds, or Hybrid Ponds™. Instead, the Koi Pond is a more "formal" structure within the landscape like a swimming pool. Koi Ponds can be built completely underground like water garden ponds or Hybrid Ponds™, or, they can be made partially under ground, and partially above ground. The Koi Pond is constructed with either concrete, concrete blocks, or timbers retaining the earth "outside" the pond and have rubber liner, concrete, or poly urea liner holding the water "inside" the pond.

Maintenance of Koi Ponds is very easy. Simply backwash theHydroBead Vortex™ filter at least every 30 days, rinse the HydroClean™ pond skimmer elements at least every 7 days, and empty the Hydro Centrimax™ leaf trap when debris is visually seen through the clear leaf trap lid.

Maintaining a Russell Watergardens' Koi Pond takes just a few minutes each week.

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